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I'm back for now. :P


2011-07-04 19:50:32 by RedFaceofAwesomeness

Sorry my programmer is not even cooperating with me so I haven't even started the game yet!

Me and my friend will make a game.
I'll do the script.
He might do programming.
And you guys will be included in the credits if you help me with a name.
At this time right now we might be done with it by somewhere next spring (maybe)
The theme is War-Fare.

My Fourm

2011-07-02 16:25:02 by RedFaceofAwesomeness

If anybody would like to join my forum I would be very happy?
Registration is free!
Not much of a forum yet. .php

I am new here!

2011-07-02 12:21:12 by RedFaceofAwesomeness

I just made a account yesterday but I have been here a long time so I hope you guys can get to know me better!